Choose a Prioritizing security on cryptocurrency platform    

How secure is money in our wallet, account, shares, and solid investments? Even though our banking system is highly foolproof how come we are being cheated?. It’s either because of the user’s negligence and the banking authorities’ mistakes. Crypto security is also the same, its safety depends on how the user controls the wallet. Hackers can steal bitcoins by gaining access to the owner’s digital wallets only if they know the user’s private key.


What’s important when you own cryptocurrencies? Two things matter: security.


If you are new to crypto mining and trading, you need to do enough research to find out how to keep your wallet safe. Do not think that it may never happen to you. but when it does don’t regret it.


Be the only one in charge of your money


1.Get a hardware wallet-Once you earn the cryptos, you should keep it safe from others. Keeping it in exchange is always risky. A hardware wallet empowers you with the highest level of security for your coins. It will act as a one-stop-shop solution, you can buy, sell, exchange, and grow easily and securely. Certain hardware wallets come with an app that lets you manage tokens directly from your device.


2.Password-Use multiple passwords. Always write it in a book and keep it. Never keep your password stored online or offline on your device. Always use randomly generated passwords. Never answer the security questions truthfully. Give some random answer and store it.


3.2FA-If you enable 2-factor authentication to your site, it helps you get an extra coat of protection. Hackers will always try first on easier targets.


4.Cold Storage-It’s a good place to keep your crypto chill if you are not in a plan to exchange. This helps you protected yourself from others accessing and hacking.


5.Audit Often-Review your crypto accounts, wallets, logins, and services. Check the tools you use are reliable or not.


6.Laptop/device security-Get a good antivirus for your device. Check your network connection and never use public wifi. Some detectors check the activity of malicious webcam and microphone activity. Reset your network settings often and never forward random ports. Always connect with a VPN instead of ISP.


7Exchange safety-Use time-locked vaults. White list your IP address and set up a phishing phrase. Keep a time lock for your account settings.


If everyone follows these security options, we can expect the board “Bitcoins are accepted here “in the short run.