Things to know before buying cryptocurrency

Are you a person who decided that where to buy cryptocurrency after probing and analysing? Have you contemplated a lot and are evaluating the possibilities of getting the imaginary cash? Before you begin to invest why don’t you check the reliable places to buy these programmed coins. To buy any cryptocurrency you need a digital wallet, identification documents, a secure internet connection, and a method of payment.

The next step is to find the exchange. Once you choose the exchange you can create an account. KYC details are a must. Then link it to your bank account and then trade. Let’s check few exchanges and their features. Give enough research on their fees, security, credibility, and customer reviews. Always check their transaction fees and the number of payment options available. Also, have an eye on which cryptocurrency options they offer.

1.Binance-It is the fastest growing platform that ensures safety to its customers. It is known for its fast trade. It allows user account protection and has 2-factor authentication. It has a better and smoother user experience compared to other allows trade with different cryptocurrencies. You can access it from any corner of the world without any restrictions. Moreover, it is simple to use for a non-techy person.

2.WazirX-This is another trusted platform that offers you a trading experience on almost all platforms. It is helpful for both professionals and newbies. This exchange is highly secured and allows fast and instant transactions.

  1. Kraken-Kraken is not for beginners. Its advanced platform with multiple options is best suited for experienced users and professionals. It offers two-factor authentication. Its trading fee is relatively low and has high-end security features.

4.Bitfinex-It offers margin trading and has attracted many traders. It is easy to use. The fees imposed for the transaction are fair. It has a tightened security now as it has gone through a tough time before. These traders have to go through 2 level authentications like 2FA and U2F. It has a 24/7 support service.

5.Coinbase-A biggest and most popular exchange which is secure and accepts cards and bank transfer. You can buy different cryptocurrencies from this exchange. It is highly secure and easy to use. like coin-base the best thing about is it can be traded for other cryptos. It accepts USD, GBP, and RUB.