Secure way of buying bitcoin

It is a very difficult and hard task to steal bitcoins from the wallet but it is not an impossible task. If you follow all the security checks, the risks are less. Bitcoin is operated through blockchain technology and is secured in distributed ledgers. This cannot be manipulated easily as it is decentralized.

A hacker who is trying to hack this should try to crack different servers. So everything is hidden for them and they can’t steal easily. Bitcoin transactions are transparent. Every transaction comes to the ledger which is kept open for all users. It has no fraudulent mechanisms and spamming.

So the coin has two sides. It is secure on the system level but it can be stolen from individuals. There are lots of reasons to trust bitcoin and there are fewer reasons not to…

So how to keep your bitcoins safe? Bitcoin security can be ensured by following certain security tips.

1.Keep your Bitcoins separate

If you keep everything in the same wallet, there are chances to lose altogether. So keep it in different spaces, say your computer, mobile, hardware, etc. The safety of these wallets again depends on how the user manages the wallet. Every wallet has a private and public key. If you lose your private key, there are more chances to get hacked.

2.Keep your keys offline

Why not write it on paper and keep it safe in your physical wallet. Hackers exist in the virtual world so take it from there and keep it real.

3.Update your Anti-virus

Check whether your computer has reliable and updated Anti-virus software, Do a proper device scan before you install the wallet.

4.Back up your digital wallet

Back up of your wallet can protect you against computer failures and many risks. Back up stored in online space is riskier and is vulnerable to get hacked. This should be done regularly.

5.Keep your Bitcoin software up to date

Always update to the latest version of your bitcoin software. This is important for you to receive the additional benefits and security fixes.

5.Check your device and network

Always connect with a VPN. Never use public Wifi. Make sure that the device you store in your wallet is safe and secure.


Eliminate the risks and stick to the security options. This is the best thing you can do to make the bitcoins remain with you.